Hey pals! Happy Valentine’s Day this week!! (Also Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday this week– but I couldn’t fit all of that into ONE comic!)

As many of you know– my birthday falls on Valentine’s Day– so it isn’t my most favorite of holidays– Try getting a free slice of cake on Valentine’s Day– Bwhaahahahaha!! Not gonna happen, pals! So– I just celebrate AROUND the date instead, much easier than trying to fight crowded restaurants on the night of! No biggie, though– it’s by choice and I’ve been doing it for so long that it just doesn’t warrant much of a rant anymore… 😉

And, obviously– I don’t begrudge those who DO celebrate the day of Hearts and Flowers and Chocolates and Love! Go forth! Lavish your sweetheart in snuggles and kisses!! Heck– I won’t be out there to have to witness it– so have at it, pals!! LOL!!