Hi, pals! Sorry that we left you hanging last week! Team Yuki traveled to Rose City Comic Con last weekend and it just became impossible to fit a new post in last week! It was the first time since I started the comic nearly 4 years ago that I’ve missed posting SOMETHING. It was weird!! We gave away hundreds of Hogwarts acceptance letters again this year! I got to meet one of my heroes in Cos-Play, Ivy Doomkitty! We just had a spectacular weekend!

Anyhoo– I decided to go with a mash-up with something that Team Yuki has been obsessed with since it came out in July— Pokemon Go! So, this week it is me, as I basically look as a “Trainer” and my little buddy, Yukachu– modeled after a Pikachu! It’s hilarious to me to see how many people play this game (it’s an app game on your phone if you don’t know)!! I was at the local pub this weekend and saw a couple older than me by quite a few years just playing to their hearts’ delight. I placed a “Lure” at the “Pokestop” (it’s supposed to draw Pokemon into your area) at the pub and the couple immediately looked up to see who was the culprit… I waved and smiled. It’s actually my favorite part of playing the game– It’s getting us nerdy-types to look up and recognize one another in social places. We share a little common ground, can connect with a smile or nod– but don’t have to even say anything. It’s really an introvert’s dream!

So— My words to you, pals– get out there and Catch ‘Em All!!