Hi, Pals! Well– tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, as I’m sure you are all aware– Constant diamond, chocolate and flower commercials just don’t seem to let us forget about it do they?? As many of you know, my birthday is on Valentine’s Day– so I get a little tired of the countdown to Valentine’s Day every year… I try not to get jaded by the whole thing– but it CAN get a little sickening… No one ever gets to spend my actual birthday with me– because they’re all obligated to be with their sweethearts– but I’ve gotten used to just celebrating on whichever day friends can get together with me throughout the week. :) It really isn’t that big of a deal when you get right to the heart of it. (See what I did there? LOL!!)

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day. I’m in love with all the candy hearts on this one– my favorite being “Kitten Fuss”– which is what I call Ty (the pronunciation falls somewhere between how you pronounce Cous-cous and cuss…) Tom was tasked with writing all the heart messages, so it was really fun to see what he came up with!!

Love to you all, Pals!!