Hey pals,

Mandi here. With Tom and Tanya performing in Funny Girl this weekend, I decided to take some of the weight off of Tanya’s back and draw this week’s comic, I also thought it up. So, I am a goof-ball and had this idea about two weeks ago, and Tanya was like “draw it!” I used to draw a lot when I was younger, and I occasionally still do, but I’ve never been that great at drawing Yuki before so I was super proud with the way she turned out.
Her lips are supposed to be making a duck face, by the way, in case it doesn’t look like that.
I’ll keep working on drawing her (and the other kitties) and maybe the three of us can more tag-team this when one or two of us are otherwise engaged.
Don’t forget Funny girl runs next weekend, as well, so if you’re around make sure you go see the show! Give them hugs for me!

Side Note from Tanya: I LOVE Mandi’s work this week! It’s fun to see her flow and her style!! And it just illustrates so well what I love about Team Yuki– We have each other’s backs and jump in to support each other without even being asked— :)