Hey, pals! As I sit here writing this blog– I look out my window to the snow flurries that have been happening all day. Lovely! Last week it was 60+ degrees and today…. Snowing. Oregon is a weird one! We’ve been waaaaaay too warm this winter– so it is nice to see the snow, have a little fire in the fireplace and snuggle down with a good book! (I finally started A Game of Thrones last week…)

Well– here’s another re-work from the past. I always loved the little joke of Yuki being a princess or a starlet who cries over spilled treats, or something going wrong in her little world. She’s sooooo this way! It amazes me that for a cat who started out feral, full of fleas and mites and starving– that she is so sensitive to “First World” cat problems! She gets mad at me when she’s cold and I haven’t turned her side of the electric blanket on in the bed early enough. She gets mad at me if I haven’t put flea medicine on her in time and she has ONE flea (though she equally hates the flea medicine– so go figure)! She gets mad at me when it rains– as if I have some sort of god-like control over the weather… Aaaaand of course, she gets mad at me when I pet her wrong– which is pretty much EVERY time… But, she’s her own little self– and I adore that about her!

So– there you go! Starlet Yuki in her Hollywood bungalow!