Yuki is a little, cheeky ragdoll-mix kitty with an amazing view of the world around her. Yuki imagines herself to be a world-famous treasure hunter, or a racecar driver, or a starlet, but never just an ordinary house cat. In reality, to the dismay of her owner, Yuki’s adventures are leaving a HUGE wake of mayhem.





Peanut, a Japanese Bobtail kitty, is Yuki’s faithful best friend and sidekick. He never turns down the chance to join in on an adventure. Peanut adores Yuki so much that he’s rarely aware that they are causing problems, he just thinks they are the most awesome duo on the planet!! (And who COULDN’T love that nub tail???)



Miss Geddy Lee


Geddy, a grey tabby kitty, rounds out the cat trio. She’s usually far too “grown up” for the likes of Yuki and Peanut, and would prefer to tattle on them rather than join them in their silly antics. Somehow, though, Miss Geddy keeps getting pulled into the adventures, by the tail, clawing and yowling.



Mr. Spider





Mr. Spider, a gentleman and a scholar.  The nicest spider a cat could meet!


The Purple Squid



What is the squid for???