Hi Pals! As some of you know– I love to bake. I love trying new recipes and sharing sweets with my friends! There is a long standing joke about my baking– “It’s so good, I’ll own your soul”. People seem happy to give them to me. :) My new joke has recently become, “Gathering souls is EASY– but the upkeep is ROUGH!” It’s great, though! I get to get my baking fix, try a little of what I made and then share it with a bunch of others– that way I don’t eat ALL of it!!

Yuki enjoys sitting on the corner of the kitchen table to watch me while I bake and cook. I always wonder what she’s thinking as she watches– I tend to tell her what I’m doing and pretend that I’m on a baking show and that she’s my audience. So, the first 4 panels are a lot like me!

Hope you’re all getting your holiday baking done and getting good smells going in your houses, too! This week… I’m going to make Shortbread Spritz cookies! Always a favorite!!