Hi Pals!

Well– we’re continuing on with the club-house building!

The eclipse was astounding! Rusty and I traveled to the 100% zone and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! Everyone seemed to be so worried about getting stuck in traffic– but I’m telling you… we had very little traffic. And the little bit that we had, I would do again in a SECOND to see and experience that weekend again. Once you’ve seen a solar eclipse at 100%, nothing else will ever suffice. It’s hands down the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in real life. I understand why armies in ancient times would have stopped their battles and simply gone home after witnessing one. I don’t even have the words to describe what the corona looked like. It was simply magical. Magical. I saw space (SPACE, y’all) behind the sun when it was totally eclipsed. And the corona was MOVING and CHANGING constantly. It was a bit like how I’ve seen the Aurora Borealis portrayed in movies– but again, probably something that can never truly be conveyed to others through images or descriptions. I can’t wait to see the next one!

How was your eclipse experience, pals?