Hi Pals! Well– I think it’s easy to see what inspired me this week! Rusty and I watched all of Season 2 of Stranger Things and then…. I watched all of Season 1 again while I drew this poster. It is seriously the most amazing storyline– I just love it to pieces!!

I was afraid that Season 2 was going to be a bit of a let down (as sequels CAN BE). But then, I saw that Sean Astin was in it (Goonies, Lord of the Rings, Rudy)– and I was like, WHAAAAAAAAAA???? Yes, Please!! I met him once at a Comic-Con and turned into the giggling little fan-girl that I was trying so hard NOT to be… I gave him a Yukizilla plushie– which he loved– and he was just the sweetest thing ever! Amazingly cute and friendly… I’ve crushed on him since I was 12 years old (and obviously I still am)!! But I digress… And Season 2 was just as wonderful as Season 1!!

This was super fun to draw. I really enjoy challenging myself to work outside of the box on things. I just wish I had more time to dedicate daily to this– it is what I love and it’s slightly annoying to have to have a regular 40 hour a week job to pay the bills… Ah… next goal: Become rich and famous… 😉

That being said… Team Yuki has some exciting news in the works that we will be able to tell you about soon– just not. quite. yet….

And also– Happy Birthday to Tom this week!