Hey pals! Well… it’s that time of year again!! Time for…. The Yuki Zone!!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll be quite familiar with the fact that I LOVE the old Twilight Zones and that I watch the New Year’s marathon on the SyFy channel every year. They’re just so great– I love the social commentary– I love the edge of science fiction and pop culture (of the time) mixed with the stories of real people. Rod Serling was pretty amazing in his writing. The particular one I’m doing this year, you may recognize right away– about a particular little kid who can “Wish things away to the cornfield”… I figured Tiberius was the perfect kitten for the job– little monster that she is!!

This year, Rusty and I watched this episode on Netflix ahead of time. And then I actually marathon-watched Black Mirror instead… Which is a new take on all the things I love about Twilight Zone. Social commentary, science fiction and pop culture backing the stories of real people. I think it’s brilliant!

Aaaaaannnnd….. one more BIG thing— We are now an officially syndicated comic in print! You can see us in the Rogue Valley Messenger, a free alternative newspaper circulated in the Rogue Valley every other week!! The issue that came out this week features Yuki and the gang on the cover, an article about us and our first in-print publication of Yuki!! We’re humbled and honored and so very excited to take this step. I wish I could tell 12 year old me that this was going to happen for her one day. She wouldn’t have believed me. I still kind of don’t believe it…

So– get out there and find yourself one– apparently they go pretty fast! I have only been able to get my hands on a small stack so far!