Hey pals! Wow!! What fun it was to update this story with new art and and a revised script!

My favorite is Peanut’s eyes in the first panel– and the color of the waterfalls!

Yuki got her name, Yuki the Destroyer, from doing this very thing. When she was a kitten, she was obsessed with drinking from the running faucet. Little did we know, she had watched the kitchen sink being turned on so many times that she had deduced that by turning the handle, water would be produced. One day, while everyone was at work, she turned on the kitchen sink– full blast– and the hot water, to boot!! The sink backed up, and hot water flooded the house for approximately 5 hours. Yuki was only 6 months old– and she nearly got turned out back to the streets that night! But– I couldn’t blame that sweet face– and knew that it was because of her problem-solving feral nature– so I was secretly impressed. Even though my house was a disaster… She was dubbed Yuki the Destroyer from that day forward.

She’s still a handful– but now, at 6 (can you believe we’ve been doing this comic for over 5 YEARS NOW???) she’s calming down and has become quite a love. It’s still all on HER terms, of course– but she’s a good girl and I still adore her unusual ways of looking at the world.

Thanks for continuing the journey with us, pals!!